Importing a gluon .img file into Proxmox

Small reminder on how to set up a Proxmox VM from a gluon (Freifunk) image file. on

This is just a small note to myself on how to set up a Freifunk Node from the gluon x86-generic.img.

Log in on your Proxmox Node and fetch the img file and unzip it:

gunzip gluon-ffhb-2019.1.1+bremen2-1-g87a21dd-x86-generic.img.gz
Create a VM on your Proxmox Node, don't insert any ISO. Disk settings does not matter as we will delete it anyway later on.

When done, remember the VM id and import the unzipped img file to the corresponding VM:

qm importdisk 123 gluon-ffhb-2019.1.1+bremen2-1-g87a21dd-x86-generic.img local-lvm

In your VM hardware options, detach the current active disk and delete it. Double click on the "Unused disk" and set it as ide0.

Done, after starting the VM up it should boot into gluon.

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